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In the Rut of Time
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Episode 9
(AIR DATE: Jan 14, 2022)
How many times have you had the chance to shoot a buck but it was simply just to far to shoot? Have you taken a long shot and ended up wounding a animal? Well we decided that we want proper training in Long Range Shooting. Mark Pledger from @Gunrats took the day off and helped Johan and Beulah from Huntech Pro to understand the importance of using your gun, ammo and App to shoot further distances, accurately.
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Episode 8
(AIR DATE: Nov 26, 2021)
The Mountain areas in the Limpopo Province in South Africa is known to produce MONSTER Kudu Bulls. Johan was invited by Rudi Rautenbach from El-Roi Safaris to do a Backpack Hunting trip to the Soutpansberg near Vivo. Experience the whole trip with us how they went through difficult and tough situations in the Mountain. We spotted a few MONSTER Kudu bulls while we were on this trip.
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Episode 7
(AIR DATE: Nov 11, 2021)
The Huntech Pro Team was invited to Monterra Safaris. Johan's dream hunt was offered to him and he couldn't wait to use the NEW PSE NTN33 Nockon Custom on a Cape Buffalo. Beulah shot a magnificent Waterbuck Bull. Riaan Benadè joined us and he got the chance to bow hunt a Blue Wildebeest. Mark Pledger from Normark Outdoors couldn't wait to use the NEW Sako Varmint 308 on a Eland Bull. Join in on the action and let us know what you thought about our latest episode.
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